Main Uniform:

Black shoes;

Black, grey or white socks or tights;

Black or grey trousers or shorts or skirt (knee length) or pinafore (knee length) or blue and white summer dress (knee length);

White polo shirt* or white shirt or white blouse;

Royal blue sweatshirt* or royal blue cardigan* or royal blue fleece*.


PE kit:

Plimsolls or trainers;

White socks;

Black shorts or jogging bottoms;

White t-shirt or a t-shirt in house colours*.



Royal blue book bag*;

Royal blue PE kit bag*;

Jewellery is not allowed and pupils with pierced ears should wear studs;

Make up is not allowed.


All of the asterisked* items can be purchased with or without school logo. Logoed items can be purchased online from our school uniform supplier, Mapac, by clicking here.


We have a limited supply of second hand uniform available at discounted prices. Please contact the school office if you would like to purchase any of these.