Senior Leadership Team

Executive Head Teacher: Mr A.Sunner

Head of School & Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr J.Downs

Assistant Head Teachers: Mr N.Coren and Mr S.Hackman


Year 3 Team

Iroko class teachers: Miss S. Morse and Mrs K. Mayling

Willow class teachers: Mrs R.Parker and Mrs S.Hooson-Jones

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs L.Crewe-Devein and Mrs H.Eyre


Year 4 Team

Juniper class teacher: Miss E.Dear

Spruce class teacher: Mrs N.Culham

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs K.Clarke and Mrs G.Wilson


Year 5 Team

Elm class teacher: Mr K.Stoddard

Meranti class teacher: Ms D.Rudge

Learning Support Assistants: Ms K.Copley and Miss L.Heffernan


Year 6 Team

Aspen class teacher: Mr N.Coren

Beech class teacher: Mrs K.Lindsay

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs D.Skull and Mrs J.Thomas


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs J.Brazier, Mrs S.Hooson-Jones and Mrs R.Marks


Inclusion and Pastoral Team

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo): Ms J.Trainor

Pastoral Care, Welfare and Safeguarding Officer: Mrs K.Sullivan


School Meals Supervisory Assistants (SMSAs)

Mrs D.Garratt, Mrs J.Merrick, Mrs K.Parish and Mrs F.Sehir


Admin and Site Team

School Business Manager: Mrs C.Tong

Finance officer: Mrs A.Edwards

School Office: Mrs T.Kencroft & Mrs G.Dobson

Site Manager: Mr S.Pheney

Assistant Caretaker: Miss J.Brooks

Cleaners: Mrs L.Bennett, Mr S.Gardner and Mrs J.Merrick