School Council

Congratulations to the following children who were elected by their classmates to be on the school council this year. The school council meets regularly to discuss ways we can make our school even better.

Year 3 Iroko class Laycee and George
Year 3 Willow class Tommy B and Poppy F
Year 4 Juniper class Lottie and Leo
Year 4 Spruce class Elliot and Dina
Year 5 Beech class Emilia P and Ronnie
Year 5 Sycamore class Ethan and Molly
Year 5 Walnut class Harry and Pavi
Year 6 Aspen class Gustas  and Chloe
Year 6 Elm class James and Meryl
Year 6 Meranti class Jack and Phoebe

“I will be respectful and listen to everyone,” Laycee.

“I will ask for new play equipment,” George.

“I will ask for new sports pitches to play basketball,” Tommy.

“I would like an area for pets like the Infant school has Guinea pigs,” Poppy.

“I will make people happy and listen to them when they want to talk,” Lottie.

“I feel proud to be part of the school council and will make sure I help people,” Leo.

“Thank you for voting for me. I will make learning more fun,” Elliot.

“I will make a difference and try new things like starting recycling,” Emilia P.

“I will be kind and do my best,” Ronnie.

“I will ask for a pets day at school,” Ethan.

“I will try and make a difference and make the school better for kids and teachers,” Molly.

“I will try to improve lunch times,” Harry.

“I have lots of ideas for improving the school,” Pavi.

“I will do my best to make the school a better place,” Gustas.

“I am honoured to be elected as school council rep and very excited to represent year 6,” Chloe.

“I’m very happy because I didn’t expect it. Thank you,” James.

“I will try to make everyone’s wishes come true if possible,” Meryl.

“I will listen to what the students want and share the ideas with the head teachers,” Jack.

“As a school councillor I think it’s important that children feel safe and I will try to help all children at our school feel that way,” Phoebe.